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Project for Persons with Disabilities"He is my legs, I am his eyes."Virginia Choque Quispe of the center for persons with disabilities, togehter with her fiancé, center president Micasio Valencia Bustamante. Virginia is in a wheelchair, Micasio is blind.
Life as a disabled person is everything but easy in the Peruvian Andes. Very often people with physical or psychical limitations find themselves on the margin of society as they are excluded and even socially despised.

We are trying to improve the living conditions of disabled people in the region of Urubamba, to guarantee them their human rights and to return to them a part of their quality of life. We are committed to their social integration by helping them find a job or by accompanying them to the doctor. The about 80 members of our project, of all different ages, also receive financial help for example through the payment of necessary operations or medicine and the procurement of hearing aid, glasses and wheelchairs.

From Monday to Friday the members of our center receive a balanced and healthy menu of two courses, which, converted into Euros, doesn’t cost more than one Euro and even this small fee must only be paid by those who can support it. Corazones para Perú takes on the costs ion all other cases. In addition to these daily meals, we also offer a knitting workshop as well as weekly cooking and game workshops, to which we warmly invite all of our members.

A good relationship with our members is of big importance for us. Because of this, we are doing regular home visits and get a good insight in our member’s life and the problems they have to face. This enables us to give very specific help and to support everybody individually.

In January 2017 our newly established physiotherapy center was inaugurated. With the motto ‘Handicapped help Handicapped’ we offer massages for the members of the center. The professional therapy is conducted by a specially trained physiotherapist and takes place in cooperation with the municipality and the NGO Yanapasun. In this way our members are able to actively fight against their disability and receive new chances regarding the improvement of their health condition.

Wheelchair race on Urubamba's Plaza de Armas

Meeting of members of the center

Many deep friendships have grown out of the group

It's good to compare notes and trade stories

Manual work

This hearing-impaired girl is receiving a hearing aid

Sometimes, everyone just needs someone to listen.

Annual meeting at the Urubamba main square

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