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Social Business"With my salary, I can feed my family, be more independent and ensure a good education for my children."Marisol has worked for two years now making flower cards for Corazones.
In order to achieve further independence of our social projects in Peru from donations from Germany and to advance the sustainability, we have created several "Social Businesses" as social, profit-making concerns. Aim of the concerns is the overcoming of poverty and the advancement of the access to education and health care.

The social aspect of the concerns has the aim to maximize profits. The concerns work economically and ecologically sustainable. The achieved gains are being reinvested in the particular businesses and finance additionally our social projects in the region.

The co-workers obtain earnings which are usual in the market, the working conditions are above-average and there is a great identification between workers and business and our project overall.

Our social Business projects contain the fabrication of flower postcards, ceramics and woven carpet as well as the breeding of chicken, guinea pigs and salmon trout. The project tailoring produces windows, doors and furniture for our social accommodations.

Flower Postcards

Six women from the surrounding farmer communities are producing greetings and felicitation postcards from real flowers in our flower workshop. The flowers are being grown, picked and dried extra for this purpose. We sell these cards in Peru and Germany but they can be purchased through the internet as well. More information here.

Ceramics and woven carpets

Ceramics and woven carpets are produced by the children in Munaychay in the voluntary workshops at the weekends. Through this we advance the creativity of the children and we make profits from selling these products to hotels and restaurants in the Urubamba area.

Agricultural Centre Santa Rosa

In the agricultural Centre Santa Rosa we breed chicken and guinea pigs. Once a month the employees sell the prepared guinea pigs with typical Peruvian side dishes on the market in Urubamba.

Fish breeding compound in Huilloc

Our newest and biggest social business is a fish breeding compound in 3.500 meters height in the farmer community Huilloc, which is located in a beautiful valley about 30 minutes above the tourist town Ollantaytambo. The compound was built in cooperation with the village community, who will benefit from the future revenue. In November 2011 the first channel of 6.000 salmon trout was applied and the second one in February 2012 with a quantity of 10.000.

Our distribution strategy focuses mainly on hotels and restaurants, which we sell fresh fish to. In Peru and especially in the Andean region salmon trout dishes are very popular.

Additionally, the beginning of the construction of a small restaurant next to the fish breeding compound in which we sell fish dishes is planned for March 2012. In this context we work together with travel agencies. We want to offer cultural tourism which means that our visitors are able to not only enjoy a delicious food but also to get to know a traditional farmer community. We are currently looking for sponsors for two more fish breeding compounds in the Patacancha -valley and the Chicón -valley. If interested, please contact us.

The flower cards are hand-made with loving care and precision.

Our carpenter Teofilo manufactures doors, windows and furniture for our social services.

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